Vamo que vamo, y'all!

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Roda de Choro (community choro jam)

Join Choro Memphis

on the main floor of the

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

in the heart of Memphis.

Watch this site for the next date and time!

"Roda" means "wheel" or "circle."

North Americans would call it a choro jam session - with classics  selected from

our favorite book of tunes, Mike Marshall's Brazilian Choros.

Do you play an acoustic instrument? Can you read chords or notation? Come join us!

Get that clarinet, guitar, etc. out of the closet and bring it on down (with a music stand if you have one). We'll have a few extra copies of the book on hand, or you can get your own here.

You can find video of all these tunes played formally and informally on YouTube. It's truly the Western Hemisphere's chamber music!

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