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West TN Choro is a non-profit corporation, created to share the popular instrumental musical styles of Brazil with music lovers of all ages across West Tennessee through education, participation, and presentation.

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Join us in welcoming back the First Family of Choro

in their 5th Memphis area appearance!

Seats are $20 here, $25 at the door.
Get your tickets now to ensure your seat in this intimate and warm setting.
And stay afterwards for a reception with authentic pão de queijo!
A Brazilian instrumental group of three sisters and their father, Choro das 3  began to play as a band in 2002. Corina, a master flutist, doubles on piccolo, trading lead and counterpoint roles with multi-instrumentalist Elisa on bandolim (Brazilian mandolin), tenor banjo, clarinet, and melodica. Elisa also writes and performs at the piano. Lia perfectly anchors the harmony and provides the bass lines so essential to choro with the violão de sete cordas (7-string guitar). Their father, Eduardo, supplies the band's rhythmic heartbeat with the pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine).
This is pure Brazil- classic and modern, ebullient and full of longing.
This is the real thing, a direct line to the past and future of the music.  Vem! 
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