But can *I* play this music?  . . .It sounds hard . . .  

Can you keep a beat?
Do you play an acoustic instrument, especially strings or winds?
Can you read music? 
YES. You can learn to play choro! This is a style of playing that prizes respect, inclusion, and collaboration as much as technique and knowledge. Choro brings musicians together in a unique way, one that is both challenging and pure fun. Come and join the adventure!

West TN Choro holds a RODA DE CHORO (Brazilian Portuguese for "circle of choro," the term for a choro jam session) from time to time. This event is a great way to explore choro as a listener. If you play an instrument and want to explore these tunes, it can be even more fun.

All ages are welcome. Middle school, high school, and college music students: we want you!!! Amateurs and folks who "used to play" - drag that instrument out from under the bed and step into a world that connects you to musicians in every major US city!  Bring your (acoustic) instrument, a portable music stand, good humor, and a willingness to try something new. 

Please check back for news of our next roda.

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West TN Choro is an association created to celebrate the popular instrumental musical styles of Brazil through education, participation, and presentation.

For more information, please contact us here: info@westtnchoro.org