Choro das 3 Workshop

at Rhodes College

In this introductory choro workshop, we will explore the Jacob do Bandolim classic, "Assanhado" (provacative) and, if time permits, also "Apanei-te, cavaquinho!" (I've got you, cavaquinho!) by the great Ernesto Nazareth.


The links above give one idea of each tune - but these are both very popular in choro circles, with an immensely wide range of interpretation. For original instrumentations of each, here is Assanhado, and here is Apanhei-te, cavaquinho.) This workshop will be aimed at having fun and learning a little about how it all works.


Please sign up at the concert (table in rear) to let us know you are coming. Looking forward to seeing you!


Find the charts of each tune for your instrument below (or write us if you don't see it):

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